ABEイニシアティブ研修生のカリドさんが、インターンシップの卒業プレゼンを行いました – 株式会社ゲットイット



First, I would like to express my gratitude to every and each member of GET-IT for everything I learned from you during my internship. Without your kindness and support, my time in GET-IT would have never been as fruitful and fun as it was.
Although I don’t have much experience in networking hardware and this industry, I was able to develop a decent knowledge about the industry in a very short time thanks to your patience and effort in teaching me. I always had an image about used electronics or pre-owned electronics as a low-quality product that won’t be well performing as brand-new device, but after what I saw in GET-IT, I was surprised with how the refurbishment process at GET-IT can start a whole new life cycle of the devices. My impression now is if I would start a company, I will definitely consider buying refurbished devices to cut my costs and contribute in reducing E-waste. I can imagine other businessmen would have the same perspective if only they have been introduced properly to this idea.
When I started researching the market in Egypt, I didn’t expect a lot to find, but when I dug deeper, I found that there is a big market. And by the time I was doing my research I was observing this market every day and I could see this market evolving and moving forward. When I extended my research more to other African countries, I found the same case. I thought that even if the market is unmatured now, it’s growing like a baby and it’s growing fast, and I think that GET-IT needs to be there with this baby while growing until it gets bigger and then the baby will be always connected to his mom.
On the personal level, I could learn that the real Japanese business manner is not wearing a suite and tie or working for long hours without rest but it’s all about mutual respect and harmony between team members. I could see that clearly between GET-IT members as there is no difference between new-comer and veteran, all ideas and opinions are welcomed and openly discussed. I could see that as well in the way that everyone treated me with kindness, support and eagerness to learn about different cultures.
In my final presentation, I have included everything I noticed or saw as a good opportunity of improvement during my stay and I hope it could be an added value to the company. I will keep doing my best after my internship to introduce GET-IT to African market through my network I have built during my scholarship in Abe program.
Thank you all again, and I wish you all success, and happiness in your lives.
Khaled, 2020 Intern at GET-IT

2020年度 GET-IT インターン
担当者 :川澄
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