My name is Khaled, I am an Egyptian student who just finished MBA degree at Doshisha university in Kyoto. Back in Egypt I used to work for an international Japanese company, and when I came to Japan for my very first business trip in 2015, I fell in love immediately with everything here, the food, nature, and the hustle and bustle of big cities….and my dream was to come again, and here we go.

I have done internships at both traditional Japanese company and a start-up, and my first impression about GET-IT is it is a mix between both. It is a big and old company but very young at the same time. For the first glance I couldn’t recognize the CEO until I have been introduced to him, he was there working at the same workspace as everyone like a big family gathering. I couldn’t see that stress I used to see before in the traditional companies; everyone is working hard but happily. The CEO gave a brief introduction about the company and his vision, and I was surprised when he explained the efforts are being to create a fun workplace while making a real change in the world by extending the lifetime of electronic products while solving a real problem of their customers.

In the next few weeks I would like to learn more about GET-IT business model and will do my best to build a bridge between GET-IT and my home country. I will use all my knowledge in both operation and business development to give them my honest evaluation of the company from a fresh eye and hopefully I can make change as well myself.


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