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As I wrote here before, I’m studying English and Russian. I made up my mind to write 2 posts for both of the languages. So this time is English.

We had a long weekend this month and because of this situation, I mostly stayed at home cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning my room, studying languages and so on. After I started self-quarantining at the end of March, my habits changed. Now I rarely go outside and I don’t exercise much which I should do more often I guess. Instead of doing exercise, I sometimes go to a shopping mall without using public transportation. There is one 20 minutes away from my place and a big one 2 stations away that takes 30 minutes on foot. Actually I use a bus when I don’t want to walk all the way, but I enjoy walking around seeing new scenery. I love going to new places for fun. I really wanted to go somewhere new. I hope this crisis will settle down soon. Stay safe and stay healthy.